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WIP - Mermaid project (doll belongs to yasminbjd)

Lack of creativity.


I suffer from block for a loooooong time (years) but it’s starting to be too much.

I can’t do anything… photography, painting, drawing. I have no ideas, I have no motivation, I have no technique…

I am dead. I only live for art and it feels like I have nothing to offer and nothing to do anymore.

It has been long time already. I hoped for some phoenix effect but it’s not coming.

I felt the same way from 2007 till 2013 (until Dean arrived). I wasn’t able to sew, draw, do face ups, take photos, write stories, make up characters nor to customize my dolls n stuff. Everything started to roll after I have received my DJ…my main character. Just try to focus on everything you love. Fot example: I love music (especially electro, house and trance) and I am a huge fan of different DJs, I love different fashion types and different types of men (most of my characters are based on real people - actors, friends, schoolmates and so on). I also love tattoos and piercings…that’s why most of my dolls have them. :) I like yaoi, horror movies, dramatical movies, clubbing and so on. The BJD hobby is my main hobby and I include all my other interests in that one hobby. I hope my explanation isn’t too confusing. ;) Maybe you should try it too? I hope your creativity will come back soon. You are awesome my dear


Lane, watching the sunset~ :-)

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